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Family-Owned, American-Made

At Osmundson, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality, high-performing tillage blades and cultivation tools that can handle the workload of even the most demanding of fields. From our U.S.-sourced steel to our Midwest-based facility, our blades have been 100% American-made for five generations. And while our rooted family values drive honest partnership, our future-ready mindset drives industry-shaping innovation.

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Our history

A growing global footprint

Still headquartered in Perry, Iowa, Osmundson sells parts to original equipment manufacturers, farm stores and other distributors throughout North America, Australia, Russia, China, Vietnam and other countries worldwide.

OEM Collaboration

Partnering with OEMs to tackle evolving tillage and cultivation challenges led to innovations like our patented Turbo®, Samurai®, Rockbuster®, Wear-Tuff™ and Speed Blade — which set the standard for the industry.

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Howard Osmundson and Don Bruce at a convention.

Improving speed with disc blades

With acreage becoming larger for farmers, the Osmundson factory created its first disc blades in 1972. Disc blades allowed farmers to till wider and faster passes, increasing the amount of land that could be worked in a single day.

Transforming the plowshare

When most men went overseas to fight in World War I, there weren’t many field hands left to work stateside. To make drain tiling more efficient, farmers did away with spades and created their own rudimentary trenchers. In response to this new evolution in farming, Howard Osmundson created plowshares.

it started with a shovel

In 1903, Henry Osmundson revolutionized a shovel widely used for trenching drain tiles. The spade head featured three steel bars and two holes and was forged from a single piece of metal. The result was a tool that was stronger and easier to remove mud from — helping laborers make quick work of their task.

hiring the real deal

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supporting the future of ag

Handling evolving field challenges takes collaboration. That’s why we make a point to partner with organizations and agricultural equipment manufacturers who are focused on the growth and development of this industry.