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spikes & sweeps

Derived from 120 years of hard work and revolutionary innovation, Osmundson spikes, sweeps and plow parts are strong enough to handle any day in the field — whether you’re turning soil or preparing your field for seed.

field cultivator sweeps

lasts in all soil conditions

Field cultivator sweeps are slowly gaining popularity due to their ability to clear herbicide-resistant weeds from fields prior to planting. Our field cultivator sweeps are manufactured to OEM specifications and are designed to provide consistent wear and durable performance in all soil conditions. They can also be purchased in both plain and hard-surfaced for added life.

Soil type: All soil types
Machine type: Field cultivator
Available sizes: 4 12"

chisel plow sweeps

durable, strong & high-performing

Before modern combine technology, chisel plow sweeps allowed farmers to "mow" down crops after they were harvested. Today, chisel plow sweeps are primarily used to clear wheat stubble. Osmundson’s chisel plow sweeps come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be purchased in both plain and hard-surfaced for added life.

Soil type: All soil types; sandy
Machine type: Chisel plows
Available sizes: 12 24"


withstand harsh conditions

Made from some of the most impressive American steel, our spikes can withstand some of the harshest field conditions and can be used to reset the soil during a crop rotation. Spikes are specifically manufactured to meet OEM standards but are also available on the aftermarket through our distributors. Some of our spikes can also be hard-surfaced for longer wear, a service we provide in house.

Soil type: All soil types
Machine type: Chisel plows
Available sizes: Various sizes

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