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Posted on 02/24/2021 at 03:23 PM by Joe Sampson

As you may have heard, we unfortunately had two fires at our factory during the past month.  We want to thank our employees for their quick thinking and for following safety procedures so we could evacuate everyone as quickly and safely as possible. We also want to thank everyone at the Perry Fire and Police Departments as well as the Dallas County Hospital for their overwhelming support during these tough times.

The first fire happened on January 28 during our third shift.  This fire happened in a new piece of equipment that we implemented in late 2020.  This incident is still being reviewed and investigated by our insurance company and outside firms, so we cannot provide any further details at this time.  The fire did injure one of our valued employees.  He suffered 3rd degree burns, and is currently recovering at home. We are very grateful he is making a speedy recovery, and he is already looking to come back to work.  The Osmundson family can’t wait to welcome him back.

The second fire happened Tuesday, February 23, during the first shift.  This incident involved a completely different piece of machinery from the January 28th fire.  During this second incident, a flange that seals hydraulic fluid burst when a bolt failed.  When the flange burst, the resulting leak allowed hydraulic fluid to atomize near one of our furnaces causing a temporary fire.  Our employees were evacuated immediately, the fire was contained very quickly and, as a result, no one was injured.  The press suffered minor damages, which will be inspected and fixed as soon as possible.

The safety and well-being of our employees will always be at the top of our priority, and we would not put any of them in a dangerous position.  Our equipment is designed and engineered to prioritize the safety of any operator. We are adding more safety processes to ensure when fluke accidents happen people don't get hurt.  We have an impeccable safety record with our employees, and all this information can be requested at any time. 

Unfortunately, these accidents happen.  Together we will learn and grow from these occurrences and do everything conceivably possible to make certain they do not happen again.  We are blessed for each and every employee and their families, and we can’t thank them enough for their support all these years.

There are no other updates at this time.  We will continue to inform you as more details become available.

All the best-

Osmundson Family 

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