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What is your residue management plan?

Posted on 07/12/2018 at 10:11 AM by Joe Sampson

Do you have a residue management plan?

Farmers have seen increases in corn productivity since the introduction of corn hybrids nearly a century ago.  Yield charts since the early 1900s have shown steady increases year after year.  According to Pioneer’s agronomists, over the past 20 years U.S. yields have increased an average of 1.9 bushel per acre per year.  Check out the video link above for the 2017 National Corn Yield Contest winner  David Hula of Charles City, VA. Hula and his team pulled off a world record corn crop of almost 550 bushel/acre.  In that same contest over 224 entries had fields that exceeded 300 bushel/acre which blew previous records away. 

This unprecedented yield increase does create residual challenges.  A ubiquitous concern amongst growers is what to do with all the residue these record setting crops leave behind.  The challenges are making residue management planning a growing priority for a high percentage of corn and soybean farmers.  Obviously as a manufacturer of ground engaging components, we recommend tillage as an active and controlled part of any residue management plan.  But not just any tillage.  Agronomy tells us that some residual crops left behind have bountiful amounts of benefits that are vital for soil health.  Healthy crops start with healthy soil.  In recent times, residue management planning has become quite diverse.  There are now innovative solutions for profuse amounts of soil conditions, moisture levels and working speeds and depths.   

In addition to innovative tillage practices, planter attachments are shifting from nice to have to must have items for corn and soybean farmers.  Row cleaners are vital in displacing residue to allow the seed to find good soil contact.  According to agweb.com growers who use row cleaners in their residue management plan see a 4.3 bushel/acre yield increase in corn and a 2 bushel/acre yield increase in soybeans.  When you see the agronomy it is easy to see the advantage of implementing these products.  Check out our website for more information on our planter attachment products.  They are manufactured to make growers money…period, bottom line.  That means quality, consistency and innovation in design are never compromised.  Send us an email at jws@osmundson.com or leave a comment if you have any questions.

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