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Have you checked your seeding blades lately?

Posted on 03/02/2018 at 09:28 AM by Joe Sampson

A couple of days ago the temperature in Central Iowa hovered around 70 degrees.  It was a long time coming, seems like old man winter has hung around way too long this year.  Forecasters are saying more “spring like” weather is on the way in the days ahead.  No better time for growers to start planning and preparing for the upcoming planting season.  Planting and seeding OEM's are spending their marketing dollars on buzzwords like seed placement accuracy, electric drivelines and 10 mph planting speeds.  All are great innovations in planting but often overlooked is the condition and reputation of the opener blades.  Most of us would not buy a brand new Silverado or F150 with off-brand tires.  The same can be said about your favorite color planter or drill.  Think of the opener blades as the tires and wheels of your planter. 

I’m sure most growers do checks and balances on the condition of the blades.  Check the edge of the blade, see if it’s still sharp.  Give the blade a spin to see if the bearing still flows freely.  Some of you might even take your gauge wheels off to dive in with some more detail.  Check the flange, make sure you don’t see any signs of deterioration.  You might give the blade a once over ensuring you don’t see copious amounts of rock chips or uneven wear patterns. But do you ever look at the imprint of the blade itself?

Osmundson Mfg. Co. is one of the few manufactures in the world that can make seeding blades that hold up to the standards of the OEM market.  We call it Osmundson Seeding Technology.  Innovative technology gives us laser precision checks on every seeding blade that leaves our factory.  We do this because we know how critical planting windows are and we know downtime is not acceptable.  We partner with only OEM approved suppliers for hubs, bearings and rivets who share our same visions in manufacturing.   Stamping our logo in each blade means our passion for quality, innovation and craftsmanship is poured into each part.  When you give you planter a once over this season, check the blades, see if they come equipped with the Osmundson logo.  If they don’t, talk to your dealer and tell them you demand excellence on your machine from bolt to blade.  Don’t compromise…run Osmundson’s.  Click here for more information about our seeding/planting blades.

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