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Posted on 12/08/2017 at 12:00 AM by Joe Sampson

If you read any agricultural publication or listen to any farmer related keynote speaker, technology on the farm is all the buzz.  Successful Farming’s November issue, the 2017 Tech Issue is titled “The Next Big…” In that issue Jessie Scott, Digital Content Manager compiled a page called The Future of Farming where she presented very interesting projections for the future of farming.    

Scott said that by 2022 autonomous tractor sales will start to increase, by 2027 the agricultural drone market will be a $480 million dollar market and by 2050 farm yields could rise by more than 70% with advances in Ag technology.  Whether these projections are true are not, one thing is certain, the Ag industry is leading the world in this technology revolution.  Today’s farmers are paying attention to this technology and this is a movement that is here to stay.

Most of us in Ag also know the numbers 9.3 billion and 2050.  They have been engrained in our agricultural brains for the past 10 years.  These numbers of course represent the world population increase to 9.3 billion by the year 2050.  If this does happen,  total food consumption will have to increase by 50-70%.  That is also a lot of mouths to feed.  That is also a lot of pressure on the Ag industry, the entire industry.  From equipment manufacturers to seed developer, our industry has to be forward thinking. 

What can we do to prepare for this growth?  For starters we have to take a stance on the claim.  Do we believe it or not?  If you do, you better educate yourself on how your company can affect this growth.  What can you do advance your business towards the future?  Can you eliminate downtime?  Ensure quality?  Implement autonomy?  Cut waste?  Innovate?  If you can the world population is in good shape.  And for those that don’t believe the claim?  Did you also not believe the largest retail chain in the world would not own a single store (Amazon)?  Did you not believe the largest news outlet in the world wouldn’t write single story (Facebook)?  Don’t believe me, Google it? 

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