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Through change our strength, pride and innovation remain constant

Posted on 08/04/2017 at 01:15 PM by Joe Sampson

Change is inevitable.  It’s the one argument our divided world can almost always agree on.  We’ve experienced it throughout history and will continue to as time passes by. 

Our new website marks an era of change for Osmundson Mfg. Co.  As technology is becoming more omnipresent in Agriculture, our new site will act as a support tool for all things tillage.  We hope to share tips about how, where and why our products work. We will share photos and videos that will help you better understand wear, durability, soil conditions, acceptable horsepower and more. 

We also want to lean on you.  We know that in order to continue to thrive as a manufacturer feedback from our customers is of the utmost importance.  We want you to help us.  You too can share questions, comments, photos, videos on our site.  We hope we can start an online community about tillage, United States manufacturing, Agriculture and more.

Thank you for being part of our past, present and future.  We value and appreciate the loyalty our customers have given us over the years.  Thanks for running Osmundson parts. 

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