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Osmundson Mfg. Co. has prided itself on being a leader in the tillage tool industry through quality and innovation since 1903. Osmundson has used invention and design to adapt to the ever-changing agricultural industry. From the growing use of the plowshare in the 1950s to disc blades in the 1970s, the Perry, Iowa, company has continued to be a proven leader in the production of tillage tools for America’s farmer.

This family-owned business is run by fourth-generation owner Doug Bruce and continues to pride itself on origination through the development of many patented Osmundson parts. Osmundson has also developed new steels and heat-treating techniques which help give Osmundson a green footprint in the steel heat-treating world. Osmundson is the last U.S. manufacturer of high quality disc, coulter, seeder and grain drill blades.

Osmundson currently employs approximately 100 employees at its headquarters and 142,000 square foot production facility in Perry, Iowa. Osmundson sells its parts to original equipment manufacturers, farm stores and other distributors throughout North America, Australia, Russia, China and other countries worldwide.

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The Osmundson Mfg. Co. has been producing disc blades, sweeps, plow shares, and other top-quality tillage tools for America's Farmers since 1903.
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